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Magestorm City of Sumai

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The City of SUMAI in the deserts is a major city, teeming with people and traders from far lands. The trip across the water is fraught with monsters and sea elf pirates, the mountains and deserts are haunted by bandits and ghosts, but the rewards for coming to Sumai are great.


Sumai is ruled by a reclusive King, and the day to day work is done by his Sorceror-Vizier, Ur-Nammu. Many moneylenders and rich merchants live in Sumai, and trade all kinds of goods. The sea elves trade great works of art and rare objects, the mines of the mountains produce gemstones of great quality. The wizards and sorcerors of Sumai are exceedingly powerful, and they often become merchants themselves to secure supplies of exotic ingredients and substances for their research and experiments.


The mages and merchants squabble and intrigue among themselves, but none dare break the peace that Ur-Nammu creates to bring the traders and wealth to Sumai.


It is whispered in the quietest part of the night, that Ur-Nammu rules alone and the King is dead. That Ur-Nammu controls the cult of the Black God, Dhak-Zolo, which is also whispered of in the night. Black robed figures moving about the night, strange things heard and seen in the light of the moon, all conspire to make locks and doors good investments in Sumai.


In the center of the city, the King's Palace sits, a large, walled compound, with gardens, stables, kennels, a palace of dozens of rooms, containing many servants, soldiers, scribes, scholars, and entertainers.


The roofs and sewers of Sumai are like highways for bandits, and less savory individuals. Secret passages into deeper sewer levels, cave networks, tunnels, and buildings in different wards of the city honeycomb the sewers. Many a secret cache of stolen goods, cultic sacrificial implements, magical items or other booty is secreted in a walled-off cranny of the surface city, accessible only by the acrobatic roof-runners and the sewer-travelers.

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