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Dungeon Fantasy SWAT

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The Druids of Cener tend the Black Oak in the Forest of Ruel.
Between Al-Qadim and Muscovy, the Starlit Sea is frozen and dark.

What is the nearby Adventure Site?
The Towers of Ormarr the Merciless.
Linked by teleportation devices, this series of towers in the mountains to the west, attract freebooters and renegade sorcerors seeking to loot it's treasures.
Timber, mining copper, fishing. Mine Amethyst.

Traditional druids, Norse polytheism--main deities are fertility/farming, and smithing/mining crafting deity.

The Duke rules the Duchy, and is 'advised' by a panel of experts sent from the various lords demesnes.

Localized guilds run the magic in each city. The university in the capital outside of the Duchy trains all the mages.

Major NPCs:
Captain of the Guard: Serious, male, war veteran, mid-40's. Greying hair. Very nice, good manager. Lower subordinates are mean and nasty to deal with.
-Evil druids are attacking loggers, defend the logging camp.
Merchant's Guild: Greedy, fat, balding, well-kept.
-Thieve's Guild has burgled several large inns, the same trademark has now been found on a murder weapon used on a major merchant's wife.
Craft Guild: Female, 'outcast' leader, strong-willed.
-Infested mines...An amethyst mine is infested...with...skaven mages. Guarded by Firescreamers.
Thieve's Guild Leader: The Wraith. He can walk through walls...? Items stolen from locked and guarded rooms, multiple items belonging to the Dukes have been stolen.
-Thieve's Guild is on the brink of internal war, guards must intervene.
Thieve's Guild Informant: Unknown
Mage's Guild: 55 y.o woman, mind control.
-Conjuring botch in mages guild, portal opened to other dimension. Use Talislanta monsters.
Forge God's Priest:  Sentient hammer, common man type priest.
-Powerful Forge god priest comes to town, vies for power with current priest.
Fertility God's Priest: Lady who is always pregnant.
-Fertility idols are stolen by someone...find them to restore the seasonal balance.
Traditional Druids:  Obnoxious conclave of seven different representatives sent to any relevant meeting. Never seen to argue, strangely in agreement, no matter which is present.
-Black Oak druids attempt to sabotage spring solstice ritual. The traditional druids need help protecting their sacred spaces.

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