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Universal Architects

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Universal Architects (20p.)

The Universal Architects are one of the largest and most common mage styles in Zakhara. They are known across the land as engineers, doctors, field medics, shipwrights, bounty hunters, surgeons, and, naturally, architects.
The Universal Architects style was founded a thousand years ago by Amsha sitt-Namzu, a mage who sought to master the construction and control of the physical world. The first university to teach her style was one she took over in Qadib, which is now the largest university in Qadib, and the largest in the North--named, appropriately enough--the University of sitt-Namzu.
The style offers diverse education in medicine, engineering, and construction. The style also is the premier non-lethal magical combat style. An education as an Architect allows a graduate to make a living in whatever field he sets his mind to. There are large rifts between the major wings of the style and in several years the style may fragment into multiple factions.

Required Skills: Body Language, Engineer/TL4 (one of Civil, Clockwork, Combat, Materials, Mining, Small Arms, Vehicle Type [Ships  or Wagons]), Physician/TL5, Physiology (Human)/TL4.
Required Spells: Find Weakness, Frailty, Itch, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Might, Minor Healing, Recover Energy, Rejoin, Repair, Restore, Shatter, Spasm, Stop Bleeding, Stun

Perks: Better Magic Items, Far-Casting (1 or 2), Guild Rank, Huge Subjects, License, Rote Alchemy (Healing), Sanctum, Spell Bond, Spell Duelist, Spell Resistance, Thaumotological Doublespeak, Wizardly Garb.

Optional Traits
Advantages/Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Professional), Sense of Duty (Patients)
Skills: Diagnosis, Physician, Surgery,  

Air: Create Air, Destroy Air, Purify Air, Shape Air
Body Control: Alter Body, Alter Visage, Ambidexterity, Balance, Boost Dexterity, Boost Strength, Choke, Climbing, Clumsiness, Control Limb, Deathtouch, Debility, Decapitation, Enlarge, Enlarge Other, Frailty, Fumble, Grace, Hinder, Itch, Might, Paralyze Limb, Reflexes, Rooted Feet, Roundabout, Shrink, Shrink Other, Spasm, Tanglefoot, Tickle, Total Paralysis, Touch, Vigor, Wither Limb
Earth: Seek Earth, Shape Earth
Fire: Create Fire, Ignite Fire, Seek Fire, Shape Fire
Food:  Cook, Create Food, Decay, Test Food,
Healing: Body-Reading, Cure Disease, Great Healing, Instant Neutralize Poison, Instant Regeneration, Instant Restoration, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Major Healing, Minor Healing, Neutralize Poison, Recover Energy, Regeneration, Relieve Paralysis, Relieve Sickness, Restoration, Resurrection, Share Energy, Share Vitality, Stop Bleeding, Stop Paralysis, Stop Spasm
Illusion and Creation: Simple Illusion
Making and Breaking: Animate Object, Clean, Contract Object, Disintegrate, Enlarge Object, Explode, Extend Object, Fasten, Find Weakness, Inspired Creation, Knot, Rejoin, Repair, Reshape, Restore, Rive, Ruin, Shatter, Shatterproof, Sharpen, Shrink Object, Stiffen, Transform Object, Toughen, Weaken, Weapon Self,
Movement: Apportation
Water: Create Water,  Destroy Water, Seek Water, Shape Water

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