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DG2 Personalities

Page history last edited by Kristopher Garrett 9 years, 7 months ago

Miami Badmen:

Frank Baucom: Contact for Andrea Smith.

Charles Beckett: Homeless, WM, dark, stringy hair, rail-thin, 6'5", 165 lb. Deceased homeless man. Formerly on a crusade of vengeance.


Pablo Calderone:  Ecchevarria's bodyguard and friend. Expert trap and skeet-shooter.


Beth Chang: Mutilated teenage victim of Charles Beckett, suffered injuries in the attack which claimed Beckett's life.


Beverly D'Anjou: Former Miami vice detective, currently incarcerated in the Miami jail for attempted murder of police officers, theft of evidence, conspiracy to commit murder.

Leopoldo Ecchevarria: Rich Miami businessman. Alleged drug kingpin of Miami. Expert trap and skeet-shooter.


Nicolina "Nicci" Fabbri: Mutilated teenage victim of Charles Beckett in a freak seagull attack.

Rachel Green: Former teenage prostitute and girlfriend of George Holtz. Serving time in Florida prison for murder of George Holtz.


George "Bud" Holtz: Murdered former lawyer. Former associate and friend of Leopoldo Ecchevarria.

Ian Lassiter: Former Miami vice detective, currently incarcerated in the Miami jail for attempted murder of police officers, 

Capt. Claude Raines: Gruff Miami PD police captain.

DEA SAIC Traynor: Head of the Miami DEA.


Detroit Rundown: 

Gabriel Achebe: Low-level Detroit fence. Runs 'Auto Toyz', an automobile accessory and parts shop, repair shop and some-time used car dealership.

Mr. Brown: 7'2", WM, well-muscled, fast, unknown aberration on right hand. Brought back to life via an injection of human blood to the heart. Now deceased. When killed, collapsed into pile of black soot.

Jimmy Durante: Night shift bartender at the Raymond Hotel restaurant/bar.

Mr. Green: AM, 5'6", 140lb.,  short hair, sunglasses, leather coat, uses cologne. Brought back Mr. Brown. Now deceased.

George Kowalski: WM, fat, balding. Former doctor, currently veterinarian and alleged illegal organ harvester. Currently arrested on various charges, awaiting arraignment.

Andrea Smith: AKA 'Melanie Winters'. Home entertainment booking manager. Alleged 'honey pot' for an illegal organ harvesting plot.


Cmdr. Mario Steinbrenner: Detroit precinct commander, 10th Pct.

Melanie Winters: Alias of Andrea Smith.


Mr. X: WM, average height, average build. Favors dual revolvers. Very fast. Last seen escaping from police.


Awendaw Adventures:


Sheriff Gabriel Erickson: Sheriff of Awendaw. Exposed to the Woman Containing Stars.


Amelia Hudson: Deceased teenager, her body has been stolen from the Oakwood Cemetery in Awendaw, SC.

Cletus Johnson: Awendaw Sheriff's Deputy.

Melissa Meachum: Old lady who called in a possible B&E in her house. Makes terrible tuna salad.


Old Man, Creepy: Lives across from Oakwood Cemetery. Offered Marshal Stafford iced tea and provided him with the Sheriff's office non-emergency number.

Melanie Wilson: Park Ranger doing a wildlife study in the Francis Marion National Forest.

Woman Containing Stars: Unknown being destroyed by the Task Force at Mrs. Meachum's house in Awendaw. Can turn people to stone. Strange, clear-yellow blood. Her death preceded a rain of stones and blood around Awendaw.


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