Vampire Overview


Anamiae: Spider vampires. Few weaknesses, but few strengths either.


Blood Needs: Low, one victim per month or so. Must kidnap victim and feed inside lair.


Power Level: Low. Mandibles with paralysing poison, noticeable physical improvement (+3 ST, +3 DX, +1). Immune to all diseases and immune to toxins in their victims blood. Do not age.                


Conversion Factor: Very specific to make new Anamia. Can only be converted on the night of the new moon, in the light of the new moon.

Weaknesses: Smoke hurts them just by touch, fire deals 2x damage to them, predatory blood instinct.

Pupils of eyes are actually multi-pupiled with four pupils.


Evaluation: Average “foot soldier” vampire. Not many powers, but not many weaknesses either–can go out in sunlight, which the only other type that can do that are Draculas. Injection of Ephemerol can be used to power the victim up during the conversion process with scanning abilities.



Xixiegui: Chinese “Hopping Corpses”. Once they get past the beginning stages of being straightforward brutes, they are better than the living.

Blood Needs: Needs some blood every day, perhaps 1/week if the vampire can take it.


Power Level: Medium. High strength (ST +10 over life), claws and fangs as melee weapons, immune to metal weapons (melee weapons and bullets, but ceramic, wood, etc. arrows, bullets or quarrels could damage it, enchanted metal works normally), all skills eventually return to a Xixiegui. Can regrow lost eyes but not limbs.



Conversion: Very easy. Enemies hit with talons will become vampires when they die, and start losing 1 HP per day. Can be countered with sticky rice or poison-absorbing herbs that can remove the vampires evil from the wound and save the victim.  

Weaknesses: These attacks bypass their DR. Sunlight or Fire–1d6 damage/second. If KO’ed or killed, it can’t move for one day. Contact with indirect sunlight, sticky rice or wards of any kind does one HP every second. Must be beheaded or properly buried, or Taoist rituals can stop them from rising.


Possible M.O.: Nothing special, but they suck blood from gaping wounds they cause with their fierce tusk-like fangs.


Evaluation: Very difficult to stop because of their immunity to metal. Most become melee focused or rely on their melee prowess to save them if their ranged skills fail.


Stats: Supernatural Feature (No Body Heat, Pallor), Injury Tolerance (Unliving), Doesn’t Breathe, Doesn’t Eat or Drink, Doesn’t Sleep, Unaging.



Blood Needs: Average to High. Need blood to power abilities.

Power Level: High. Uses FP from blood to power abilities. Access to weather abilities, some very powerful higher-level abilities, affecting large areas with storms, hail, winds, etc. Also they have some type of mind control abilities.   

Conversion Factor: Average. No special times or places.

Weaknesses: Sunlight.


Possible M.O.: Human traffickers, prostitutes, lone people out at night, typical methods.


Evaluation: “Middle management” type vampire. Anamiae and Hopping Corpses are foot soldiers, these have much more power and their need for blood for their powers keeps them on a short leash compared to Draculas.



Dracula: Rarest and most powerful type of vampire.

Blood Needs: None. Blood negates the deathly pallor and hunger, but is not strictly necessary for life.

Power Level: Very High. Many abilities, requiring no FP or blood power expenditure, necromancy, mental control of insane people, control over walking dead, fog and storm control, wolf form, bat form, dust form, size alteration, mist form, can use Daze spell, Darkvision, Clinging.


Conversion Factor: Medium. Must drink vampires blood to become one. Don’t actually, die, just become veeeeery weak and slowly change into a vampire, so slowly it is difficult to detect.


Weaknesses: Must sleep with dirt from homeland in close proximity to vampire. Beheading or stake through the heart kills them. Must be invited in to a home, no shadow, no reflection. Garlic stops them, can only cross running water at the slack or flood of the tide, “as this symbol, my crucifix, that was amongst us even now when we resolve, to them he is nothing, but in their presence he take his place far off and silent with respect.” Dr. Van Helsing, Dracula ch. 18

Possible M.O.: Covert conversion of victims to vampires by drinking vampire blood. Typical vampire tactics of preying on lone people. Blood consumption can negate the usual pallor and lack of body heat.


Evaluation: Always the mastermind. One or a small group are at the center of most if not all vampire organizations. Ephemerol can be used in the conversion process.



Supernatural Feature (No Reflection, No Shadow, No Body Heat, Pallor), Doesn’t Breathe, Doesn’t Eat or Drink, Unaging.