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Troubles They Are In

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Troubles They Are In


This page recounts the group's misadventures so far.



The Final Showdown


After throwing open the doors, the PCs entered Agatha Bishop's Temple of Skulls. Father Vincent Gallo and Dr. Brande were rendered unconscious by the sight, and Nakamura and Anderson were brought to retching. Donald Trask, Jake Nelson, and Worriax were stunned by the sight.


The Ancient One, the high priest of the ghouls was eliminated by excellent fire from The Thumb.Agatha Bishop moved towards the stalwart group, chanting a horrible incantation, as the heroes poured  rifle fire into her mummified body, desperately trying to stop her relentless spell. Anderson grabbed the Weatherby from Worriax and carefully took aim at a grenade, trying to detonate it. Donald Trask recovered his faculties enough to move into the room and blast away at the foul thing with his high-caliber .50 Beowulf rifle.



Finally, they used one of The Thumb's grenades. A scant few seconds later they threw another one. Agatha Bishop completed her foul incantation just before one of the grenades went off. Her magics must have failed her in her most crucial moment, as all her efforts were for naught.



The explosions and shrapnel heavily injured Jake Nelson and Donald Trask, crippling limbs and knocking them unconscious. Nakamura, however, was luckily unscathed.


The explosions exterminated Agatha Bishop and the stain of her sin from the world.


The Temple to Nyogtha


This place of inhuman worshop was a horrifying sight. The floor was made of tiles in the shapes of tentacles, that somehow fit perfectly together. The walls were decorated with carvings of the Great Old Ones, that seemed to move in the flickering torchlight. The columns, however, were most terrible of all--they were covered in tiny, grasping tentacles.


The Gates


The PCs discovered two Gates used by the Ghouls to escape. One, guarded by the Sign of Koth, lead to the Dreamlands.

The other, guarded by a Star Vampire, was a portal to another section of the temple.



The Battle In The Ghoul Nursery


The PCs chose the right-most tunnel. Entering it, they fought off a couple of ghouls, including one wielding a metal fan, and found a room full of caskets being used as beds for a number of babies.

These babies turned out to be mostly ghoul babies, but a few human babies were among them


This room was scene of a feverish defense as the group covered both entrances with a combination of thermite fire and machine gun fire. The belt-fed Russian gun punched through the undead horrors two at a time, creating a significant pile of ghoul bodies at the end of the corridor.


A small group of ghouls attempted an end run around the other side, but were horribly mangled by rifle fire and Dragon's Breath and were repulsed.


The Stairway of Graves


A twisting stairway of 99 granite gravestones led deep down into an antechamber, far under the dank grave-earth, away from the sun and all good things.



The Ghoul Tunnels


The PCs explored a large amount of tunnels under the cemetery, tunnels used by the ghouls to move around. There, they encountered a few groups of zombies and destroyed them mercilessly. Also, when encountering an amiable pair of drunken ghouls drinking formaldehyde, the PCs lead man, the Thumb of the Five Fingers, opened up with his belt-fed and executed both of the ghouls.


The Casket Cluster


The cellar of Bishop's contained twenty-four coffins...all filled with various vintages and types of alcohol and liquor. Jake Nelson and others displayed great trepidation at the prospect of opening these coffins.


The Gallery of Retching


Bishop apparently obtained several oil paintings be someone named "R. U. Pickman", of a highly disturbing and controversial nature. Nakamura, upon peering at the horrifying material, lost his lunch, while Anderson, was disturbingly unperturbed.


The Bottle [of Death]


While exploring Nathaniel Bishop's home, the intrepid explorers of the unknown discovered a scary bottle...which turned out to contain a helpful alchemical powder that reveals the invisible. Jake Nelson displayed great fear at the prospect of Anderson opening this bottle, retreated after Nakamura prevented Nelson from locking Anderson inside the room with the bottle.


Into the Breach


The PCs currently stand inside the Stanton Street Cemetery grounds, along with a large contingent of Mafioso, including Mr. Maximilian Cundalini and his Five Fingers of the Hand of God, ready to sweep and clear the cemetery grounds of any abominations.


Checkmate, Mr. Bishop


Nathaniel Bishop, who is the owner of a highly suspicious funeral parlor where Anderson was attacked by a Zombie who he managed to kill with 7 gun shots to the torso.  The party is currently planning to plant illegal weapons and explosives in his domicile and call the Department of  Homeland Security on the sorcerous debutante.  As they are planning this, Simon Trask, Bishop's enormously muscular hit-ghoul, kicks the door in and a fire-fight ensues.


The module Lurker In The Crypt, from Fatal Experiments begins from the point above.


Facials, Fictionalizations, & Figurines


The second incursion of the Sorceress threatens to turn the party into Pod-People Pod PC's!

An insidious plot is revealed as Warriax is possessed.  The party now casts wary eyes on the plastic surgeons who operated on Mr. Warriax following his Acid Experience during the Couch Robberies


You're Not Acting Much Like A Priest...


Father Gallo has been acting somewhat oddly recently, most notably, urging the other party members to cast a spell that would alow contact with amphibian humanoid creatures. Jake Nelson refers to this as "Operation: Bad Idea."



Thank You Mr. Cunnilingus, I Mean Cundalini, I Mean Please Don't Kill Me


The PCs engaged the services of one Mr. Cundalini, local Mafia boss to look into the culprits of the Couch Robberies. Dr. Brande has received the gift of a hardened home in a decent neighborhood and an ex-military Doberman Pinscher.


The PCs have discovered that members of the local Russian Mafiya, headed by Andrzej "Andy the Albino" Walicki, were responsible for the Couch Robberies.


Dr. Brande and Jake Nelson have entered into an agreement with Mr. Cundalini. Nelson has arranged for his neighbors to be taught a lesson in hospitality by friends of Mr. Cundalini. 


Also, Mr. Cundalini has extended the assistance of his elite group of hitmen, which he calls "The Five Fingers of the Hand of God" in situations involving abominations before God. 


[From this point on, the scenarios are listed from the campaign beginning on.]


Spirits Over Arkham or Hello, Mr. Hobart


A Hunting Trip in Vermont or How Dr. Quinn Hurt His Pinky


The Phantom Caller or Don't Trip in the Baby Skull Pit


A Most Awful Plant or How to Get a Law Passed


False Accusations and a National Escapade


The Couch Robberies or Don't Open the Refrigerator


Your Number Is Up or The Gambling Ghost Incident


Third Time's the Charm or Drug-Boss Livers--delivered Fresh Daily 


Yes, Moscow University? Could I photograph Cthaat Aquadingen?


Dr. Smith's Experiments or a Modern Frankenstein


The Florida Operation


The Case of the Real Estate Quagmire


Big Trouble or The Folly of Prof. Higgins


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