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Spaceships Quirks and Perks

Page history last edited by Kristopher Garrett 10 years, 7 months ago


Spaceships Perks/Quirks System

Here's the perks and quirks I have so far.


My objective is to make these flavorful, something to differentiate ships, not a selling point in and of themselves. Given otherwise identical ships, you'd choose them based on perks or quirks, but the overall structure would make the major difference in your decision...


-Instead of escape pods, the ship has 1 (one) SM+4 shuttle.

-The ship is Reliable (+1 HT).

-The ship is Unreliable (-1 HT).

-Better Shields (+10% shield dDR)

-Weaker Shields (-10% shield dDR)

-Fast Refits (-20% time for refitting systems)

-Slow Refits (+20% time for for refitting systems)

-Proprietary Parts (-1 HT with non-OEM parts)

-Corrupted Power Feeds/Cooling System (-20% RoF to a weapon system).

-Enhanced Capacitors (With default weapons, can fire 1/2 normal RoF without power)

-Better Reactors (-2 to Enhance Power task) (vs. -4 by default)

-Better Engines (-2 to Enhance Thrust task) (ditto)

-Jerky Turret Syndrome (-2 to turret attacks)

-Ion-vulnerable (-4 to surge HT checks)


I'd like to know if anything seems too strong or not enough of a disadvantage.

I'm also thinking of packages of perks/quirks for various manufacturers of ships (Kuat, CEC, Sorosuub, etc.).


For example:


Corellian Engineering Corporation ships are Reliable and have Fast Refits, but have Corrupted Power Feeds and Jerky Turret Syndrome (since they assume you'll replace them with something better).

Feedback welcome!

Here's some corporate packages.


Mon Cal Yards

Better Shields

Proprietary Parts



Cheaper (-10% total cost)

Enhanced Capacitors

Proprietary Parts

Ion Vulnerable



Better Shields


Slow Refits


And here's some for individual ships:

Z-95 Headhunter


Fast Refits


Koensayr Y-wing



-Mynock infested-daily HT roll or 1 system is w/o power. 


For example, the Eddicus-class planetary shuttle,

It is rare and hard to get ahold of.  It's restricted systems may have been removed when it was sold to you, resulting in damage to the ship. It has no hyperdrive. On the other hand it is streamlined, has heavy shields and most likely three ECM systems, and it probably has better escape pods and specialized consoles for Communication and Piloting tasks. It's passenger seating will be fairly well-appointed (luxury compartments), and with the addition of a hyperdrive, a habitat, and perhaps a turret or two for self-defense, would make a decent yacht for a trip slumming in the Outer Rim.


The JumpMaster 5000.  It is designed for small crews of one to three, so any maintenance would done by one person--using two people to work on one system means a -2 penalty for both workers (increased maintenance). It has specialized consoles for Piloting/Gunnery and Sensors/Navigation tasks. It's sensors are optimized to detect and log astronomical and planetological data, so when finding such data,, the sensop get +1 to skill (specialized sensors). It has full reactors, using no MHDs for power, as it must function for long periods of time away from civilization.  However, it's hyperdrive is slower than average--only 2,000 psc/day. Obviously, this is where corners were cut to make room in the budget for the full reactors.


Delta escort shuttle This ship has no major flaws, except for that it is a shuttle--not intended for long-term accomodations (no habitats). This is a warship, and also would have a reputation as a "pirate" or "insurrectionist" ship, due to it's use by Rebels and pirates--attracting attention from customs and law enforcement (negative Reputation). It would make a good base for a small syndic of bounty hunters to use as a mobile base, especially with a Holo-net projector and a few  habitats. 

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