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Are We Being Followed?


This is a record of a roleplaying game run at the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, starting September 13, 2006. 

All events depicted here are fictional, made-up, imaginary, entirely *not real*. 


New Stuff:

Swords and Wizardry OSR


Action Force!


Warhammer House Rules


Delvers of the Netherworld


Magestorm City of Sumai



Future Campaigns

Ace Racing Campaign


Current Campaigns

Dungeon Fantasy S.W.A.T.


Previous Campaigns

Top Secret

Dungeons and Dragons  

Al-Qadim Campaign

DG2 General

Star Wars GURPS Central

Futura City GURPS Supers




We have our Catchphrases page, and, for the future: Possible Campaign Ideas


The illustrations of the Czerka KC-74 and SSRW-7, Mobber, and others, are from Pimp My Gun, by DoctorNoob. Thanks, Doc!

The 3e Vehicles stats for the 74-Z and FC-20 speeder bikes, and the AT-PT and AT-ST, are due to Phaelen Bleux of the Steve Jackson Games forums. Thanks Phaelen!



For character creation, use the GCS utility here: http://www.roleplayer.com/Welcome.html


-The Administrator




Previous Campaign Sections:


Check out these Prospective House Rules and tell me what you think! Also, check out the Rules In Use page for the Star Wars game.


Delta Green

A GURPS 4e game where a Delta Green-ish agency battles against the supernatural forces of demons, vampires, demonologists, psychics, and Scanners.

This campaign has ended, but the files are still here.


Campaign Outline for Delta Green


Details of our previous Call of Cthulhu campaign:


List of Characters


Troubles The PCs Are In



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